Wednesday, July 30, 2008

What happened to America

So I got laid off, along with about a million other people, so I like them, went to the local job service and applied for jobs and unemployment a great benefit right -

Yes.. but now in Oregon- US Bank has volunteered to help save money or is that rip off the unemployed.
US Bank sends you a debit card, so your money doesn't come in a check,(we wouldn't want anyone to take your money would we), did they ask me if I wanted this? No, they just sent me the silly little card, now here comes the fun part!!!

I have bills, people who want money even if I'm not working, so if I go to the local US Bank, more than 2 times a month and get money out of the bank, I get charged for using my money, and if I talk to a teller, I get charged even more.

Oh and if your card ever gets charged for something, even fraudulently, they will take your money away from you and you are going to do without, and you have no recourse, grand ain't it.

Gotta love Corporate America and BIG banking.